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tv   Headline News  RT  April 22, 2013 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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a written statement for the first time the nineteen year old received a throat injury during a fierce standoff with police and is still unable to speak charges against the alleged bomber a-g. to be filed late on monday with more details now is artes to see. he's currently at a boston hospital being treated for injuries we're hearing that he is awake and answering officials questions sporadically in writing they're asking him about any further possible accomplices in the boston bombings case as well as whether or not any further explosive devices should be of concern to officials but as of yet we're not hearing any details officials are not revealing any details in terms of the answers that is giving them course all of this comes after he was arrested friday night after a mass lockdown took place in boston after a unprecedented manhunt that took place here and a several hour shootout between law enforcement and this nineteen year old suspect we do know that he suffered injuries to his throat and was unable to speak and this
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is precisely what officials have been waiting for to be able to communicate with him to find out the motives to the boston bombings as well as the participation of any per possible further accomplices apart from the two brothers that have been hunted by a officials here throughout the week nineteen year old dzhokhar and twenty six year old to milan and of course we have to note that the miranda rights off tonight have been revoked the rights of he has to remain silent as well as the rights to a lawyer are being denied to him because officials are interested in being able to question him without being able to use this right and the fact that his miranda rights have been revoked is receiving major criticism throughout the united states and causing really a lot of debate between certain politicians and civil rights groups also it's important to mention that republican lawmakers in the united states have been suggesting that to be treated as an enemy competent this is also been a topic of much debate because we are of course talking about a u.s.
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citizen as we do know back in two thousand and eleven they did receive a request from a foreign government this is russia's government that said that they should look into the identity of the older brother the older suspect to milan back that he was twenty four years. old and the f.b.i. did receive recommendations that they investigate him they did in fact ring to milan in for questioning the followed his phone calls they intercepted his social relationships as well as his activity online but did come to a conclusion that he is not dangerous and did end up freeing him and of course because the f.b.i. right now is being criticized for this they're going to trace their steps back look into what exactly they could have missed but also try to establish right now with the second suspect being alive whether the two brothers had any kind of connection to extremist groups that they might have overlooked two years ago and in the time in the years and days leading up to the bombings that took place here in boston also of course they're going to consider and look into the purposes of the trip to
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the older brother to milan when he went back to the north caucuses for about six months they're going to try to see whether or not this time was used for him to be able to communicate with extremist groups on the ground in. boston massachusetts while a full of federal agent says the u.s. needs to rethink its policy on terrorism and who it deems to be a danger to the country this idea terrorism is such a confusing concept because we have our terrorists and they are terrorists it's the definition is supposed to be acts of violence against civilians for political purposes but you see this over and over where there the you us considers that there are good rebels and good freedom fighters at the very least the separatists in other countries are not considered as terrorists we have a whole establishment neoconservative establishment in the us now i have only involved in propagandizing that there are good rebel groups for instance in iran is
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the latest example of the mujahideen call that actually was on the u.s. terrorist list but now we have been delisted to become the good rebel fighters against iran. the revelation that the boston terror suspects are of chechen origin has seen an influx of journalist to russia's north caucuses where the brothers family live while their parents are no longer willing to comment on the issue r.t. has been able to speak to another relative who knew the alleged bombers from childhood. really almost anyone who has any links with the top of my family is really in shock after what happened both relatives and friends now the brothers parents stopped talking to the media assets early saturday but i managed to speak to a close relative of the family now her name is. and he was she was married to the boy's uncle now she told me how really tragic and difficult the life of the toddler i
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have family was and that for years they have been moving from one place to another as the father couldn't find a proper job and they've moved twice from kyrgyzstan's first to church now than to dagestan were they span just a bit over a year and till they moved to the united states in two thousand and two she even showed us some pictures that we're taking during that time pictures that captured both brothers in their early tiled women in one picture the older brother is just a bit over a year old now she spent a lot of time with tom avalon when he came here to dagestan last year to visit he has a parents and she describes him as a very family loving and caring young man and when i asked her whether he expressed any x. her interest in this she told me that his interest was never overwhelming. the middle and wasn't a religious fanatic he was curious about religion he started to be really interested in islam about three years ago but he was never
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a radical we would talk about his commitment to religion but it wasn't extreme it was really hard for her to speak she told me that. the younger brother was planning to come here to dagestan this may and now their father plans a trip to the united states to bury his out of the sun to meddle and so as for many here if she couldn't the woman couldn't really believe that they were involved in the tragedy. it's impossible to believe that they could have carried it out just impossible it's terrible. but i can believe that there are children who respected their parents a lot termer learned was very attentive to older people through family for him have been was of use mothers feet both parents mobile phones are switched off or rarely own line and it's really impossible to reach them but i have since managed to speak to the mother of the two brothers and kept repeating their first answer in this and
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she also mentioned that her eldest son tamerlan was under constant surveillance for years when both parents before mentioned told them that the albi i contacted right after the boston bombings and asking for questioning however the albi or the hour later denied that information now as for the father i spoke with him also in a telephone conversation just yesterday and he told me that he doesn't want to talk to any media right now so really dozens of journalists from all over the world is that how descended on this region hold that the man's family will speak and eventually shed some light to how their boys and it up the main suspects in the boston terrorist attack and they go to r.t. dot com to get the full picture of what past week has meant for the citizens of boston there is a photo gallery containing in images of the tragic events unfolding at the marathon as well as the manhunt that followed. the u.s.
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military has acknowledged that over half of one ton of the bay prisoners are now on hunger strike among the eighty four protesters five have been put in hospital with life threatening conditions and sixteen being force fed. explains why the inmates have resorted to such desperate measures. here's a breakdown of who's currently held captive at the u.s. prison in guantanamo fifty four percent are yemeni nationals that is ninety five captives out of one hundred sixty six just a few more figures a total of eighty six prisoners there have been cleared for release fifty six of them yemeni nationals three years ago the u.s. suspended all transfers of detainees to yemen what seems to aggravate the psychological torture of indefinite detention is knowing that your nationality something that you cannot control is the sole basis of that ordeal defense lawyers say what they deal with now is collective punishment by the u.s. government based on nationality which is a clear violation of international law when pressed for answers the administration
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the state department specifically which was in charge of those transfers they point the finger at congress at the moratorium that the lawmakers put in place that the defense authorization act that they passed but lawyers say those are just excuses our clients are coming to grips with cold so he may well die is going to not because the state is unable to transfer them but because unwilling to do so the transfer of structures are difficult for example they would require the secretary of defense to personally certify that receiving state had taken steps to ensure that a prisoner can ever threaten the united states in the future whatever threaten might mean in that context. and obviously no state can guarantee that a future event will or will not occur but that was the point the point was to discourage transfers from guantanamo citizens of forty eight countries in total have been held in guantanamo since the opening of the prison in two thousand and two the majority of them were from afghanistan and over the years most of them have
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been transferred back to afghanistan the second largest group of captives were from saudi arabia and yemen and pakistan but you see the scope of the manhunt it included forty eight countries as of now it's not just the many nationals who are stuck in this legal limbo but the rest as well michael williams. senior advisor for guantanamo policy in the office of the legal advisor at the u.s. department of state testified before a human rights commission and here's what he said we will continue to work through the secretary of state and the other arms for u.s. government to accomplish transfers first of all mr williams to the state department gave this testimony in the middle of march that is three months after the state department shut down the office that was working on those transfers so it is not clear how they continue to work on it if they shut down the office that was doing that also defense lawyers present at this commission hearing saw the response as an attempt to water down the core issue to block it down in legal details which seem
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to have no effect on the outcome the indefinite detention that they're asking for or justifying is under the laws of war and in the states united states mind that. that war ends at the end of hostilities against two al qaeda and associated forces well what does that mean that's indefinite that is the epitome of indefinite some here have voiced the idea that whatever is keeping most of those people there has nothing to do with the law but more with the fear that even those who had been wrongfully captured and held there for years for no reason have witnessed so much at that prison including torture and other forms of humiliation that fear that the u.s. may have created its own enemies there you have dozens of people cleared for release and still languishing in prison so they may have fallen victim not just to their wrongful capture but now to u.s. politicians assumptions of what they may or may not do in the future in washington
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i'm going to check on. formula one has wrapped up in bahrain with antigovernment protesters clashing with police in the bid to disrupt the controversial event security offices areas where pro-forma activists gathered suppressing most opposition marches the protesters had been. using the formula one race to draw attention to human rights abuses in the country demanding more international pressure on the ruling family hobby from bahrain freedom movement says the monarchy is trying to distract attention from the level of unrest in the country. you wish it was very odd hundred. round the country schools have been around two hundred people have been in the process. so if you want to call the peace if you wish fine but in reality it is not. quite at all it is in
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a spirit. and if people are really angry about. why the leaders of the pollution behind bars. to do is not much better so are we going to seventy's and eighty's when it was going to. limit. greece put some of its most treasured properties under the hammer tearing the cuts battered nation between necessity and pride i'll report on that a more just ahead.
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i. have a international airport in the very heart of moscow. hello
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again to you in a song she's nice spent ten months holed up in ecuador's embassy in london and the u.k. has spent millions on watching the door he faces extradition to sweden for questioning over sexual assault allegations although no charges have been brought against him we spoke to the whistleblower exclusively who says the u.k. just can't let go of him because of the external forces it's torn between. it was being said of the british foreign minister william hague that there does not exist the diplomatic situation that william hague cannot make worse so far that has proven to be true but really for the united kingdom they've been handed a poisoned chalice united kingdom so admits to spending forty four and a half million dollars just on the police surveillance around this embassy about the cost of actually so that money is some money that should be spent on the popular. why is there not a team doing that it's between
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a number of different forces so you have the united states on the one hand the united kingdom feels that it cannot defend what sort of chemistry. on the other hand you have it's into relationships in europe that it wants to be seen some ways in europe to be part of europe mostly population a part of europe. the united kingdom actually wants to ship the problem away as fast as possible but now of course it overstepped is that another state has intervened ecuador this is not right and we want to protect our lives in showing to do that stop right. there is a clash of cultures. bruv law. and country report. now we have plenty more stories on our website including activists from anonymous call for
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a web blackadder protest over an infamous cyber intelligence bill that allows authorities to harvest private information awards plus masses kepler telescope spots three planets where human life may be sustainable while still scanning the skies for an earth like home with. more details casing. wealthy shakes and a billionaire only got saw flocking to greece at the moment as it options off seventy thousand prime state properties national landmarks historic palaces and even entire islands are going under the hammer at
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a frantic pace athens though has little to say on the matter with the far demanded by the e.u. and the i.m.f. chief paymaster is a fact that for one filmmaker shows how far greece has fallen. we have a soaring unemployment that in a few months we reach thirty percent and we have people committing suicide in the streets we have homeless all around nothing so we're living in a humanitarian crisis that we haven't seen scenes in six second world war the economic elites that actually control the greek government at least some point to what i imagine these to be troika wanted to do now that the real larry is that there is a problem that we cannot continue with this just there in the policy unfortunately the same feed doesn't happen for the greek government that will be on there is coming from brussels or are or barely. the deceit of the mobilization that you
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don't accept these are sturdy bodysuit. everything we pull out in a few days or or a few hours the country should default and probably even exit the euro zone drawing doesn't understand this because drawing a gun and especially a method europeans are not buying the just here to save big financial institutions and big banks don't pay attention to the illusion and greece isn't stopping it selling off what is above ground with the country's minerals also open to the highest bidder and that has defied even the ranks of a stereotype wary greeks on the one hand it could spell the ruin for the environment and local businesses and on the other it's jobs for a country wracked with unemployment artie's tom barton found himself in the thick of the conflict. protest in paradise the cause proposals to expand gold mines here were on a mountain road near the village of st tony in northern greece there were the protesters who lodged in their position against the mine here further on the
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mountain road the riot police blocking them from getting to the village this process is just one of those showing the intensity of feeling surrounding the subject here greece is how he did keep an insular is renowned of my tourists for its beauty but it also contains precious metals which canada's eldorado gold corporation wants to extract that split the region here in yet or sauce locals want to protect their traditional trades. mining activity is the worst that could happen to this area mining and be keeping cannot co-exist. and protect the health and environment that i'm in panic because the mining will destroy our clean air and clean water part of the problem is the process used to extract and purify gold and other metals which critics say will leave contamination by cyanide and other chemicals this method. results in getting the metals from
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the office of the metals the majority of them and live in there with a lot of residuals as we travel up into the hills where forest has already been cleared the mining company security trails us then persuades alert the police up to stop. their security and locals are evaluating it think this is a checkpoint they don't want us to film we want to pass honest public roads but i don't this show was about ten inches between the locals and whining but yeah but the good. intentions indeed the locals have destroyed some of the company's heavy machinery and ransacked the police station police have raided homes in the middle of the night to arrest suspects and fired tear gas at protesters. there is as much support for eldorado here is criticism both from the government and other villages whose mining populations welcome the possibility of thousands of extra jobs at
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a time of deep recession around half of the nearby villages approach mine and deeply critical of the mining protesters. these people who are unemployed cause many problems by telling lies the only purpose is to shut the mines down in fact they want nothing they don't want any development. eldorado gold refused to talk to us but they say they won't be leaving the area. locals in a year a source say they won't let mining go ahead without a fight but that if they do lose they will be leaving this corner of greece that they love so much tom bottom r.t. a quick look now at other news making headlines a new unmanned rocket has successfully launched this space port on america's eastern seaboard the on terrorism rocket is a key milestone for the private u.s. company behind the launch that plans to begin regular cargo deliveries to the international space station the u.s. space agency stumped up two hundred eighty eight million dollars for the project
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the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has appointed the head of the country's central bank as finance minister now samir enters has been at the helm of the financial body since two thousand and nine the vice president foreign and defense ministers will stay in their current positions nicolas maduro the chosen successor to hugo chavez when i narrow victory in venezuela's elections last sunday. hundreds of people have rallied in the indian capital new delhi for a second day to show their anger at police conduct after the rape of a five year old girl they accuse officials of failing to investigate after the family of the child reported her missing police have now arrested a second person in connection with the crime the attack left the girl in a critical condition but doctors say her health is now stable. taliban insurgents in afghanistan have captured at least nine to citizens and an afghan national civilian helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in a taliban controlled area south of the capital kabul international coalition forces
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afghan troops and the searching for the hostages more news in about half an hour it's the sport. i wrote you know what things are going to republican. better all for the state of. texas has got its own life. has got all that all and. everything. but. united states would say the first. minute it was. striving for
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a bridge and an independent future. the republic of texas. couldn't take three months for judges three. months three. three stooges free. old free blog video for your media project a free media hearty dot com. hello and welcome to the r t sports show twenty six minutes of sporting action from russia and around the world with me. and here's just some of what's become. title chinese leaders to scouts not a last gasp two two draw with sparta act is
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a neat touch their lead to four points as the title race hots off in the russian premier league. plus making history russia become the first team to fight back from two zero down in the fed cup semifinals after stunning slovakia three two . and marching on the taskbar reached the semifinals of the euro league with a three one series victory over calabar out rail madrid are also true. but let's kick off with the russian premier league where the title race is hotting up after tesco drew two two in a darby thriller with spawn tack allowing suneet to cut the gap to just four points with five matches to go against him but out of reports. i. lead at the top was cut to four points off today i mean man fought back from two goals down to draw two all despite missing a penalty in a thrilling must go darby with spartak at the losing to stadium aiden mcgeady broke
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the deadlock for the visitors to minutes before the entire well and diary made it to me only minutes after it but the league leaders relative minutely forcing empanel to though wagner a lot of sport keek was saved yet in the seventy third minute then useless decided pull it all back on him have more sound target and deep in stoppage time to scout were awarded another panel to this time i made no mistake to all though the result does see the red and white sleep for all group being into fourth. i. champion xeni who said that title to fans hope celtic lowing out with a one nil stoppage time victory at home to force on our midfield a media than a stepping home divide to little to ensure narrowed the gap at the top. i. ten man on just a third but now six points behind after throwing away a two goal lead to draw three all with deny. visitors ahead after thirty six
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minutes though mark most of the levelled within three minutes but a second booking just after the break and had to go despite this year to jerk off with the home side in front and some oil at all made it three one up to six to seven minutes however deny when he had begged for us through a long and with two minutes to go kevin koe ronnie snatched the quill lizer to keep dumping the rascal aside and beat him in eleven. i. being kept up the europa league hopes but sleep defeat after being held to a late one all draw it on car on friday process on the on the open for the visitors up to twenty six minutes but mike's income only give grabbed an equaliser with six minutes to go. i. welcome once bush for europa league sport took a slide down tough to being held to a goal is droid's home to look on the t.v. slot in.